Monday, July 7, 2014

'Committing' review by Megan Bowen

Committing by Benjamin Wood

My friend and colleague Megan Bowen graciously agreed to review my book in exchange for a free copy (a deal I would consider making to other book-oriented bloggers under the right circumstances) which is great, because promoting my book always makes me feel a little uncomfortable and because I've always been able to trust Megan to speak her mind.

You can find her full review here (which links back to Wood's Stock, like an M.C. Escher painting) but she also gave me permission to re-post the relevant text.

*And as a reminder, you can find all the information on 'Committing' you need – including an excerpt from the second chapter – by clicking here*

Take it away Megan:Have you ever known the author of a book? This was my first time, and it changed the way I read it. I kept thinking of what Ben would mean by this certain character and/or trying to draw connections in a way I usually don't with books. I know Ben likes girls who wear sundresses so I wasn't surprised when the hottie of the story seemed to frequent a dress. Honestly a few chapters in I thought, is Ben depressed? Is this a cry for help? It's crazy because a book with a depressed character has never brought that thought into my mind about the author before.

As for the story itself it had a few twists I wasn't expecting and even though I wasn't really surprised by the ending, I did put the book down and thought Whaaa?? (which is always a good thing). There were a few parts of the booked I skimmed through. I found the dialog between the group of friends boring and a bit over my head so I just skipped over it. Ben is an incredible writer and it shines through with this book. Sometimes I felt like the description he used to set the scene was a bit much, and I found myself wanting to just "get to the point" of that chapter/section. I couldn't decide how I felt about the main character and I liked that I cared enough to notice. I was invested in that character which made the reading more fun.

All in all, it's a short, easy read (took me about a day to finish) and you should get it and read it. The end.

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