Friday, March 28, 2014

My Breakfast: The Taco Waffle


I can probably count on one hand the times that I've been to Taco Bell, but something about the recent ad campaign for its new line of breakfast items had a Pavlovian effect on me. I love waffles. I love when meat and waffles are combined. Taco Waffles, you say? I had to have one.

So on my way home from the gym this morning I made a detour to the drive through and ordered two Taco Waffles, one each of the bacon and sausage variety for a more scientific examination (and because I'm a big, fat, fatty).


The bacon WT was a complete fail. Sloppily arranged with a dash of bacon bits resting on a bed of lukewarm eggs and cheese, its saving grace was the copious amount of maple syrup I drizzled on top. As for the sausage, it was an improvement on its counterpart with a more complimentary blend of tastes and textures, but hardly memorable. The eggs were lifeless, the cheese was what you expect from fast food. The waffle, however, did hit that sweet spot with a tender center and crisp exterior.


The first thing I noticed about the WT is that it's quite a bit smaller than it appears on the advertisements. You'd think I'd be used to this sort of disappointment when it comes to fast food but for some reason I still expected something along the lines of a Chalupa rather than the Why Pay More Crunchy Taco. All in all, opening the clam-shell container the WTs arrive in gives way to something that is largely unappetizing.


At $1.99, the WTs are adequately priced, meaning that while I doubt I'll ever buy another one I feel I basically got what I paid for. I still like the concept of a Waffle Taco, and would love to see a local food truck roll out a more substantial $7 version at some point.

Mouth Feel

I honestly don't know how to judge mouth feel, suffice it to say that there was nothing patently objectionable about the experience of chewing and swallowing the Waffle Taco.


One thing I do have to tip my hat to is the ease with which you can eat a Waffle Taco. The contents stayed well within the confines of the Waffle shell and its size allows for one-handed eating while driving. The one sticking point would be the syrup (see what I did there?) which has the potential for spillage and one would be wise to apply with caution.


It's a $2 waffle sandwich from Taco Bell, you know what you're getting yourself into. Barring exigent circumstances and considering how easy it is to cook waffles and sausage at home, I suggest you try your hand at a DIY version.

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