Monday, April 29, 2013

One Wood Uke: Kelly's Song [VIDEO]

After months of analog, One Wood Uke has gone digital. I got tired of trying to play and sing into the bargain bin digital recorder that I bought for work so I splurged on an Apogee Jam, which is a USB guitar input for your laptop or Ipad.

Basically every web search I did on the subject pulled up the Jam, which boasts of being "studio quality" with the same kind of Quixotic delusion you would expect from a product geared towards novice musicians who make DIY recordings in their living room (like me).

That said, you kind of can't help but marvel at modern technology that lets any yahoo with a laptop record a song and post it online for the world to hear. As my mother has said countless times since I was a child, "The pioneers would LOVE this!" (that, and Penicillin, I suspect.)

Anyway here's a video of me trying out my new toy and failing miserably at the finger-picking sections of Jake Shimabukuro's Kelly's Song. If you want to hear what it sounds like in the hands of a capable ukulele player, click here.

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