Wednesday, August 22, 2012

One Wood Uke: Love Love Love

The Wood-Jeppsen clan is having a bit of a Ukulele revolution. As it stands currently, my mother, brother, niece, and two cousins have taken up the 4-string beauty.

I'd like to think I was the one that tipped the first domino but in reality it's because of my grandfather, a life-long Ukulele player and self-adopted son of Hawaii, who recently passed away.

Next was my mom, who just bought a second, "cheap," Uke that she can take camping and to the beach and completely destroy without worry.

Like I said in the video, a Two Wood Uke and maybe even Three Wood Uke video is coming soon. We had a great jam session at my brothers house this last weekend so good things are on the way.

This song rightly belongs to my cousin Tony. I had made another video doing a Temper Trap song but it sounded terrible. I'm experimenting with the sound so let me know if the audio on this is better/worse than others.


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this song. :) Seriously! They used to play it in my yoga class and I would always try to re-sing it to Varian to find out who it was by. Great song, and great One Wood Uke rendition. Makes me want to join the ukelele band wagon. :)

  2. I hate hate hate word verifications though. Seriously change your settings so more people can comment without the hassle. I'm trying to convince all bloggers out there how much better it is. :)