Sunday, May 6, 2012

Movie Review: The Avengers

Considering how The Avengers just posted a record-shattering $200+ million opening weekend, this review is likely irrelevant. You, like every other American, have probably already seen the movie.

You already know, for instance, that writer/director/fanboy-extraordinaire Joss Whedon seamlessly blended heart-pumping action, side-splitting comedy and tear-inducing tragedy into a thrill ride of dazzling imagery.

You already know that the pace never lagged for a minute, while the story jumped around the world reuniting some of comic book lore's and hollywood's largest properties.

You saw for yourself the deft maneuvering as 4 different film franchises were sewn together to create a fifth, giving each character their due while still introducing new faces.

You witnessed the superb performance of Tom Hiddleston as the shakespearean tragic Demi-god villain Loki, as he turned in a performance that was both riveting and fragile that in other, lesser hands would have resulted in pure camp.

You watched as Whedon's script was both satisfying to hard-core fans and accessible to everyday moviegoers.

You chuckled, or perhaps guffawed, at the brilliant doses of hilarity that were inserted with a master's touch into the non-stop action and rapid-fire dialogue between the competing A-list bravura.

You imagined, within yourself, Michael Bay crying in a corner moaning "How? How does this virtually unknown director with a TV pedigree achieve so easily what I have pursued for my entire career?"

You saw Mark Ruffalo charmingly take over duties as The Incredible Hulk with equal parts class and calculation and, despite your own preconceptions, watched as the big green mass became one of the most enjoyable parts of the already delicious film.

You giggled, like a spoiled school-girl, as the team assembled and battled an invading alien force in Manhattan, complimenting each other's powers in an endless grab bag of superhero-combinations.

You also giggled, like a spoiled school-girl, as the "who would win between..." arguments you wasted so many hours debating as a child (read: adult) played out in front of your eyes on the big screen.

So, since you've already seen it, since you already know everything I would tell you, let me merely add my voice to the countless others that have already sung their praise. The Avengers blew my mind in a way that I have not experienced since I was 6 years old watching Jurassic Park for the first time. It is Popcorn Entertainment at it's best, a marriage of sheer mind-numbing spectacle and creative storytelling.

To Joss Whedon, who already had me at Firefly, I say, Thank You. A

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  1. Really enjoyed your writing here and can't wait to go see it! :)