Friday, April 13, 2012

An Open Letter to the Makers of 'Happy Endings'

Dear David Caspe,

First off, I love the show. I think it's important to state that up front because Open Letters are typically negative (we prefer the term "constructive"). It's hyperbolic to say "you have one of the best Comedies on TV" so I'll be specific: You have one of the 5 best comedies on Television (the others being Community, 30 Rock, Modern Family and How I met Your Mother, with an honorable mention to New Girl).

At various points this season, and prominently in the season finale, you chose to imply an underlying romance between Penny (Casey Wilson) and Dave (Zachary Knighton). This is unacceptable.

I respect and appreciate your decision to avoid the pratfall of Dave and Alex being a "Ross and Rachel." That said, the love triangle trope is hardly your only avenue of escape and furthermore, there is absolutely no chemistry between Knighton and Wilson. None.

During the rom-com episode, when this romance was first alluded to, we all told ourselves it was merely for the sake of satire since there was no way we could be expected to buy that Dave and Penny had feelings for each other. Then the Turpentine sex dreams started (amazing episode by the way, and Colin Hanks was an inspiration) and we all thought "wait, were they serious?" Then of course our fears were realized when Penny acknowledged this invented attraction at Derek and Erik's wedding (DRAMA!).

Penny dates a different guy every week. Dave is kind of a d-bag who wears V-necks and carries a cross for Alex. Will the characters need to eventually mature? Yes. Does it have to be in the second season? No. With each other? Absolutely not.

They don't work together. They just don't. And, lest we forget, their parents are dating. We don't need any Brady nonsense up in here.

It's ok, we forgive you. Let's just chalk this one up to a studio note (that darned pushy ABC) and pretend like it never happened. Give our love to the wife and kids, and tell Damon Wayans Jr. we said hi.

Best regards,

Benjamin Wood

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