Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Shoot: Luck O' The Irish

As you may recall, St. Patrick's day was last week. I wrote a whole post about it but to summarize: blah blah blah I wish I was more Irish blah blah Why Doesn't Anyone Love Me blah blah.

Salt Lake had an Irish parade and since I had been a colossal slacker on things photographical I got myself out of bed and headed down with the old Canon Rebel.

First things first: HOW CREEPY IS THIS BEAR?

And on a related note: HOW CUTE ARE THESE DOGS?

Other than that it was exactly what you'd expect from a parade, Irish or otherwise. Specifically:


and Pipers

There was also plenty of floats that consisted of children in a trailer waiving, including one where a 13-year-old was singing Kareoke to Fun.'s "We Are Young" that made me die a little inside. Thank you Glee for ruining one of the best bands in America.

The grand marshall and his posse were awesome. It's hard to tell in the picture but that man in the black cloak is actually a Catholic priest with a gian "GRAND MARSHALL" hanging from his neck. Something about that cracks me up, especially when he's standing next to what is essentially an Irish Uncle Sam (sidebar: what would Irish Uncle Sam's name be? Uncle Seamus? Sidebar #2: How awesome is the name Seamus? If I were as Irish as I wish I was that's what I would name my firstborn -- the one that the banshee takes away)

The tail end of the parade was mostly the various Irish families of Salt Lake putting on a Gangs of New York display. The Gallaghers, in particular, were very vocal about their clan's superiority, screaming "We are the Gallaghers, the mighty, mighty Gallaghers."

Luckily there weren't any natives watching from the sidewalk to start trouble.


  1. I'm jealous you got to do something Irish. I meant to have planned something to celebrate and things fell through and we weren't festive at all. Shame. (ps: Why is the banchi carrying off your newborn? Is this at all a reference to Darby ol Gill?)

  2. Bwahahahahaha...Darby O'Gill. Has anyone seen that but our family? This may be my favorite post yet.