Thursday, January 12, 2012

Why I'm Voting Romney

I've been beating around this bush for weeks now, trying to figure out the intricacies of my argument before I spoke, but enough is enough. Simply put, Mitt Romney is an exceptional candidate, the only one in the current GOP crop (besides Jon Huntsman but, you know) who can even HOPE to compete with Barrack Obama on a national stage and the only one (again, you know) besides Ron Paul who wouldn't make a complete embarrassment out of the Republican party if he were to be named the nominee.

Today's GOP is quarrelsome, vitriolic, belligerent, close-minded and petty. We have, as a group, abandoned all hope of decorum, forward-thinking and reasonable problem solving. We have made ourselves distasteful to independents and a national punchline.

Mitt Romney represents what the Republican party should be, he is experienced, level-headed, good looking (don't knock it, being "Presidential" still matters) and has a proven track record of problem solving in the public and private sector and has exercised an ability to make concessions for the greater good. The same reasons why my fellow Republicans are reticent to embrace his candidacy are the exact same reasons he should be our candidate. Here's why.

"Flip Flopping"

Let me start with a personal story. If you go back into the archives of this very blog you will find a number of posts where I am staunchly opposed to extending the right to marry to gay couples. In time, after continued research and soul searching I have learned the error of that line of thinking and have reversed my position. I, Benjamin Charles Wood, have "flip flopped" on the issue of gay marriage, and I am proud of it.

What some people call "flip flopping" I call "Learning from Mistakes," and I, for one, admire a politician who is brave enough to change his mind. There exists a number a real, lasting problems in this country that need fixing. Our economy is in tatters under an ever-increasing burden of debt. Each of us has deeply-held opinions and ideologies on what the best course of action is but our government will get nowhere (and has gotten nowhere) because of the selfish pride of cow-handed ideologues who refuse to budge on their "morals." Mitt Romney will not watch this country sink in the name of his opinions. He will consider opposing views and, when presented with a better way, will admit his mistake, change his mind and get. stuff. done.

At some point in the recent era, "compromise" has become a dirty word. The founding fathers constructed a system of government that not only encouraged compromise, but REQUIRED it in order to function. Mitt Romney is capable of compromise, and I say good for him.


Mitt Romney was the conservative governor of a liberal state with a liberal-controlled congress. Where other men would have faced a 4-year stalemate, Mitt Romney turned a deficit into a surpluss and succeeded in passing widespread reforms.

Remember, the legal argument against Obamacare is not that the individual mandate is "bad" but that it is un-constitutional. Whether or not it is right is a matter of opinion and, as we all know, opinions don't hold much water. The U.S. Congress can not pass an individual mandate but you know who can? States. According to the U.S. Constitution, States can do anything except what is explicitly reserved for the federal government.

So, for a party that prides itself on the "original intent" of the Constitution, champions "state's rights" and bemoans one-size-fits-all government programs, how dare we criticize Mitt Romney and the Massachusetts Congress for exercising their constitutional right to utilizing State Power to reform their individual state's health care system? How. dare. we.

When Romney says he wants to return power to the states, you can take that to the bank because instead of saying nice things and waving a pocket constitution around, he has proven time and time again his belief in state's rights. If you don't like Romneycare, rest assured, he has no intention of expanding it nationwide. The opposite is true, he intends to repeal Obamacare and allow individual states to determine their own reform. Sounds pretty darn good (and conservative) to me.

Social Issues/Machiavellianism

Make no mistake, Romney is moderate on social issues. He's had to toe the tea-party line to survive the primaries (a wretchedly awful system) but once he's cleared that hurdle you will have a candidate who espouses the libertarian view of getting government out of the bedroom.

Some people would criticize this as "insincerity." I would say the ability to do what needs to be done is EXACTLY what our government needs right now. I believe in cutting costs to reduce the debt as opposed to increasing taxes. BUT if you offered me a deal where I got $9 of cuts for every $1 of new revenue I WOULD SIGN THAT BILL SO FAST YOUR HEAD WOULD SPIN. And so would Mitt Romney. That's why he'll actually do something with the budget, while some head-in-the-sand Tea Party psycho will wave a yellow "Don't Tread On Me" flag while the country burns.

Again, Mitt Romney is willing to look past his personal views and get. stuff. done.


If this is an issue for you, you're a bigot. That's all there is too it. Grow up, shut up and get over your backwoods ignorance.

With any luck, in a few months time Mitt Romney will be the GOP candidate for the presidency of the United States. Frankly, I don't think he'll beat Obama. I don't think anyone can. But if the republican party is ever going to return to its former strength and if this country is ever going to heal the nasty divide that has sprouted in the political landscape, it's men like Romney that need to be leading the way.

When it comes time for my state's primary, I'll be voting Mitt Romney.

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  1. Nice to get some Romney perspective! Sad though that you don't think he could win. I thought people didn't like Obama, but you think he'll be in for the next term? Anyway, nice to read. I don't know much about him, but did like your closing points. :)