Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Quarter Century: Introduction

At any given moment, I have about 12 different ideas for potential Wood's Stock posts bouncing around in my head. In a way, I serve as my own editor because only the ideas that I feel strongly about bubble up to the surface of my mind with enough repetition to get snatched when I finally make time to write. The others drift back down into the ooze of my brain to congeal into more coherent thoughts (expect a massive rant about the state of today's GOP, my support of Mitt Romney and the chaos of politics at large in today's twitter-verse to drop any day now).

So, with so much to do and so little time, I like to start recurring topics that keep me tethered and give me a long-term project to ruminate on. Last year it was my Senior Year Bucket List, but since that ended in May I've been looking for a replacement.

It occurred to me, then, that starting tomorrow I will be 25 years old. This disgusts me for a number of reasons, but mostly it feels daunting to think that my life has spanned a quarter-century. The word "century" is like "million" in that its size is so large that I can't even imagine it. It's a faceless, ominous thing that seems heavy and conjures up images of black and white photography and men laying rail lines and building large bridges.

In the same way that I would literally kill another human being for a quarter-million dollars I feel like I know have one foot in the grave as my clock flips to 25. Obviously that's absurd and I'm still a snapping youth but it's still something hard to wrap my head around. I suspect that 25 year's from now when I turn 50 I'll probably suffer seizures due to the sheer weight of it all.

But I digress, beginning tomorrow I will be living in my 25th year (somewhere out there some twerp just pushed their glasses up their nose and said 'technically speaking it would be your 26th...' NOBODY ASKED YOU!) and as such I will check in from time to time over the next 12 months on significant anniversaries to reminisce on this funny thing called life and where it has taken me over two and half decades. I hope you enjoy it and if not, just wait a couple days and I will be back to my usual angry-politico-movie junkie self.

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  1. I've heard the decade birthdays are really tough too as you get older. I think 50 will be crazy. (I'm trying to decide if your money killing metaphor is disturbing, but either way it reminds me of The Box and those two hours that I want back of my life.) Happy late bday again.