Monday, November 21, 2011

America Loves Crap part 2: Box office observations

I've been looking over the list of highest grossing films of 2011 and, as usual, it is an interesting look at our combined consciousness. Check out the full list here. Here's some of my quick takes:

• The top 10 only has one non-franchise movie, 'Bridesmaids,' coming in at number 10 with $169 million.
• The top 6 are all sequels, the next 3 are prequels. Like I said in my last post, studios bank on Americans wanting more of the same instead of something fresh. Of the top 6, only 2 -- HP7-2 and Fast Five -- are greater than or equal to the quality of their original predecessor.
• The Smurfs made $141 million. I don't care if NPH and Jayma Mays are in it, THAT is just not ok.
• It wasn't all good news for sequels. Harold and Kumar has plateaued around $30 million and Scream 4 mustered a paltry $38. Compare that to Paranormal Activity's $102 million take and remind yourself that PA3 was made for around $5 million.
• Super 8, with it's mostly unknown cast of child actors scored $127 million. Score 1 for America.
• Monte Carlo (no. 93) and Larry Crowne (no. 74) bombed. America receives a pat on the back.
• Justin Bieber: Never Say Never, a concert movie with no actual plot or purpose, made more than Drive and 50/50 combined.
• The Lion King, a 17-year-old movie reissued in 3D was the 29th highest grossing film of the year, beating Crazy Stupid Love (no. 30) and Real Steel (no. 32).
• The Green Hornet made $98 million dollars, or 2.4 Hannas ($40 million).
• The Ides of March comes in at number 61 with $39 million, behind Jack and Jill (no. 59) and Final Destination 5 (no. 58). Remember that point America scored earlier? Take it away, and two more while you're at it.

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  1. Interesting to read and hear some of the stats. As a tangent we recently rented Super 8 and I really enjoyed it. My favorite line and that made me laugh out loud was, "drugs are so bad." said by that scared little chubby kid. Or about him thinning out. Good movie. I think you liked that one.