Thursday, October 27, 2011

I want to go to there

Ever since moving to New York, I've had a little trouble settling in. I am, after all, a small town guy (pop. 800), used to fresh air and mountain-based entertainment as opposed to the primary forms of recreation in NYC (endlessly walking, overspending on basic amenities and thinking you're cooler than everyone based solely on geographical location).

Salt Lake was the perfect-sized city. It was big enough to have some privacy but not so big that you have none at all. I had a decent apartment (even though my room was a little stuffy), decent roommates (even though one of them introduced themselves in the third person AND with a definite article) and a more-than-decent job (besides, you know, the "working for the LDS church" part).

But, after 2 months, I can happily report that I have discovered a slice of New York that makes me think I could actually put living here on my vision board. Roosevelt Freaking Island (the Freaking is silent). Nestled in the literal middle of the East river, the island is 2 miles long (on low tide) and has everything you need without the shouting throngs and a gorgeous view to boot.

Manicured green space, jogging paths, a racquet club, the ruins of a historical landmark (a mental ward, how fun is that?) a pub and Starbucks and an adorable fruit cart right outside the subway. It's one stop away from midtown or you could take the gondola-thingy up and over the water and just hope the Green Goblin doesn't show up.

The housing is a little on the pricey side, but the only way I'm staying in NYC is if I snag a swank job at which point I'll NEED a swank apartment (Sorry Queens, you're just not helping the image). Lucky for me, I'm not a mindless drone so dead set on living in "the city" that I'll take 2 jobs waiting tables while I pursue an acting career (you and everybody else darling). I meet one ever day, it's just sad.

Oh yeah, I still have a thing for empty benches.


  1. LOVE these shots! I am so stealing this locale on my next trip!

  2. I'll go with you. I can't get enough.

  3. The photos are beautiful! I love love your opening paragraph!