Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ain't it Grand?

Uncork the champagne everybody. During September, Wood's Stock received more than 1,000 views for the very first time.

I started this blog on June 29, 2009. Excluding those first two days, the first month of Wood's Stock saw 320 views. Over the years that number grew but seemed to plateau in April-May 2011 to the tune of around 800 monthly views. Then, in July -- due I'm sure to blog laziness on my part -- we here at WS saw our numbers plummet to a pre-2010 level of 417. Shocked and awoken I made it my goal to lift those numbers up, launched the New York Edition and set a weekly post as an absolute minimum.

Obviously, the sheer number of recent posts has helped push those numbers but we'd like to think that we've extended our reach recently. Three posts from August and September have already broken into the top 10, beginning with the controversy-stirring "Sexploitation" (106 views) that I've been told was passed around the offices of FTND. More recently the "Fall TV Scorecard: Week 1" has shot to number 9 in just two weeks with 122 views.

Truly incredible, however, is the performance of "Underrated Allstars: White Division" which has now claimed the number 2 spot behind the behemoth of which I am most proud, "The Men Your Ben Could Smell Like." (744 freaking views!). Oddly enough, the White Division outperformed it's Black Division counterpart by almost 3 to 1. Still, in light of its success I'm already planning another set of Underrated Allstar posts.

So, and most importantly, thank YOU. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. I've always lived by the simple idea that you should only write what you would want to read so hopefully in some way this whole experiment has been interesting. I'm very proud of some of the discussion that has come from these posts and I know that I personally have learned a lot. One of my first posts was extremely anti-gay and now, 2 years later, I've completely changed my views on gay rights.

I would also hope that these posts have been, in some way, useful. Whether it was a movie or tv show you decided to check out, a book you considered reading, or just an idea that you allowed to bounce around your head for a minute before you went about your day. Thank you for your support, and your patience when I get a little heavy and personal.

Moving forward, the New York Edition will focus almost exclusively on entertainment but I'll try to slip in some creative writing and photos when I get around to actually doing some. For the time being I've tried to avoid overly personal posts but come on, we all know there's another Midnight Ramblings in my head just waiting to bust out.

If there's anything you want to see More/Less of by all means, let me know in the comments. I check them religiously. And again, thank you all for stopping by.

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  1. This is fascinating. I had to go check my stats, I never really do. Who from Poland for example is reading my blog? Congrats on all the blog success! I can say I've caught each and every post. Nicely done. Keep 'em coming! :)

  2. Waaaay to go. How do I say this without sounding like a prick.... A well-visited blog DESERVES a little facelift - you've got too much personality for this basic Blogger layout! (Also, this is Erin Reeder BTW).

  3. I like the simple Blogger layout. It's like the greek ideal: simplicity, perfection and order :->