Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Survivor Man

So, back before it became diluted and banal (I'm looking at you, dancing competitions and bachelor-universe) reality tv was kind of cool. Mostly the genre was divided between raw examinations of the human condition (a la Real World), daredevil shenanigans (Fear Factor, Dog Eat Dog) and my personal favorite, cut-throat strategy-based competition (The Apprentice, The Mole, Survivor, The Amazing Race, etc.).

I was an avid Survivor fan and while I no longer keep up with the show (they've had more than 20 seasons for crying out loud) I still hold it in high regard, as I do for it's seasoned host: Jeff Probst.

First of all, Probst is absolutely charming. If you don't believe me watch this video.

Probst has frequently subbed in for Regis and in my opinion, I think he should get the job as replacement when Mr. Philbin makes his exit (sniff) from television this year. Sadly, he already inked a deal with CBS and of course, he might not take the gig if it was offered to him since he spends half the year at exotic locales with bikini clad women (sidenote: does anyone know if he's still dating hot Julie from All Stars?)

But, beyond his personal appeal. I love Jeff Probst for the fact that he is a true-blue, died-in-the-wool Survivor host. Unlike some emcees that are just doing it for the paycheck, Probst knows every inch of every season of his show. He regularly blogs about the different episodes, offering commentary on strategic decisions by castaways and predictions, but he will also take you to school if you try and talk down the show.

He recently had this spat with EW's Dalton Ross. Respectful, jovial, but also intimidatingly firm. Watch it, seriously.

He's the man. Don't believe me? Just ask the four Emmy's he's won for outstanding hosting.

Yeah. That sound you hear is JP drinking your milkshake.

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