Sunday, September 4, 2011

New York, New York

Don't get married to the above photograph; it isn't staying.

Eventually it will be replaced by something I shoot (I have ideas, but I also have a history of not going after my ideas) but I wanted to get the Wood's Stock: New York Edition up and running.

So, I kind of live in New York now. As a matter of fact I signed my lease today so for better or worse I'm stuck here until January.

I got all of my touristy affairs done when I was out last may so these last few days have been about slowly settling myself in as a local. As such, I opened a bank account with Chase (regrettably), saw my first subway rat on Thursday, my first cockroach on Friday and finally figured out where to buy groceries on Saturday.

Not that I haven't done SOME touristy things, for example on Saturday Tash and I got our Yankee on.

It was my 2nd all-time MLB game and I must say I like the Giant's stadium better. It's those splash hits into the bay, you gotta love that. Still, I did appreciate the understated spartan simplicity of the Yankee Colosseum, and the spicy Italian sausage was delicious.

The game itself was kind of non-exciting. Yankees got ahead in the bottom of the seventh and then just rode out the game. Emotionally I was much more invested in the Utah St.\Auburn game, of which I was constantly receiving update texts. F*ing onsides kick.

As for my internship with EW. It hasn't started yet, I have NO details.

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  1. Exciting! Oh I think this could be so much fun. I hope you love it. Ugh though - good luck with the cockroaches. Get spray - it's the best way, otherwise they just wont die. Oh I guess you had Brazil so you know. Good luck anyway. :)