Friday, September 16, 2011

Fall TV Premieres: What I'm Watching

Sing Hallelujah, come on, get happy. Fall TV is starting up.

Now, technically I'm 4 days late in that the premiere season began on Monday, but besides Up All Night (which, as it turns out, I'm watching while I write this) we haven't really missed anything. Like every year there are a LOT of new shows coming out (read: chaff) and like every year 9 out of 10 will most likely fail. If not immediately, then soon. And if not soon, then they'll be moved to Friday's to die a sad, awkward death.

September 18

What better way to prepare for a new season than reminding yourself what was good last year. For added fun, make it a drinking game by taking a shot every time you see someone from the cast of Modern Family (hint: you's gonna get trashed).

September 19

Monday, which means I'll be watching How I Met Your Mother at 8:00* where, I'm hoping, Barney will re-unite with Nora and Ted will have something good happening in his life for a change.

At 9:30, I'm going to check out 2 Broke Girls. I haven't seen the pilot yet but most of my co-workers have and they're all pretty much unanimous that it's the most promising new sitcom.

But really, I'm just killing time until 10:00 when the new season of Castle kicks off. I'm dying to see whether Beckett survives being shot in the chest, but not as much as I'm dying to slap the show's writers for ending the season on such a pointless cliffhanger (like they could ever kill Becket, that would be like doing The Office without.....I mean doing 2 and 1/2 Men without......hmmm, moving on).

Note: I will NOT be watching The Playboy Club, but more on that later.

September 20

Hellooooo season 3 of Glee. It's kind of like the Aggie Football of television in that it's drastically inconsistent from week to week but manages to have just enough magic moments to make you believe and if you talk smack on in I will EAT YOUR FACE. Moving on.

September 21

Since I don't see my own family any more I'll just continue to live in a dream world where I belong to the Pritchett's of Modern Family (at 9:00). All 6 adult cast member were nominated for Emmy's and it's for good reason. This show is just about as good as it gets.

September 22

By and large THE most underrated and tragically underwatched show on television, Community is back at 8:00 with the addition of John Goodman. Yes, please.

At 9:00, I'm checking out Person of Interest. Not only is it produced by J.J. Abrams (a.k.a. Zeus) but it stars Lost's Michael Emerson and the-man-who-was-Jesus Jim Caviezel as some sort of trippy Minority Report-esque vigilante.

September 23

At the end of last season I swore that I was going to take The Office of my list of shows and I meant it. That said, I'm pleasantly intrigued by the addition of James Spader's Robert California and hey, I believe in second chances. So, I'm going to watch it the next day On Hulu for academic purposes.

September 25

Remember how I said I'm not watching The Playboy Club? It's not because I can't (unlike Utah, it will be playing in New York) or that I won't (besides the word Playboy in the title, this show is going to be tame-sauce) but rather that I believe that only one new Mad Men-era drama can survive on broadcast networks and I'm putting my money on Pan Am. Plus, I've always had kind of a thing for Christina Ricci, ever since Casper.

September 26

I would like to believe that Terra Nova will be good. It's got a heavy pedigree behind it (oh hey Steven Spielberg, what's up?) and is arguably the most ambitious project ever made by a broadcast network. So, with that in mind I believe in rewarding ambition (fortune favors the bold) and will give this show a fair treatment.

October 4

Let's just say it, House was rubbish last year. Oddly enough I had already dropped that show year's ago but got lured back in by a stellar season two shakes ago. Sadly it didn't hold up and the show (literally) drove itself through a wall. So, I will watch the season premiere On Hulu out of respect and then kindly say goodbye. (I'll miss YOU Olivia Wilde most of all)

October 5

American Horror Story. I'm still on the fence about this one, the latest from Nip/Tuck and Glee creator Ryan Murphy. This show is going to be adult (it's airing on FX) but it's also getting rave reviews and, frankly, I just can't withstand the curiosity of how they're going to sustain it in a weekly format. I'll check it out.

I mean seriously, what the what is that?

October 12

I find it kind of ridiculous that the people behind Psych are making us wait till mid-October but by then most (seriously) of the season's new shows will have flamed out and we'll be able to take comfort that something good is still on TV.

October 16

I just barely watch The Walking Dead and while I may not quite agree with Dalton Ross that it's the "Best show on television" I will say that it was pretty freaking cool. It is more cinematic than most full-production Zombie films and it's just darned entertaining.

p.s. Just finished Up All Night and I say pass. Simply put, BABIES ARE NOT FUNNY! Also, you may notice that I did not list New Girl (starring Zooey Deschanel). I watched and hated the pilot (it's on Hulu already). I'll give it one more chance before I pull the plug for good.


  1. Really? I really like the pilot of New Girl! I'll probably watch the first episode of 2 Broke Girls, but we'll see...

  2. It feels like a show built around an actress (Zooey) instead of a concept. They're basically banking on her appeal being enough to draw in an audience every week so the show is just "Watch Zooey for 22 minutes." Not good enough.

  3. Dumb hulu - why doesn't it work down Under?! Nothing is on yet for us, but soon after things start happening in the states, they make there way here. Thanks for the tips.