Monday, September 12, 2011


I had talked about making a celebrity-sighting counter on my blog but after tonight I realize that would be foolish. I just got home from the red carpet premiere of "I Don't Know How She Does It" and already the list would be too daunting.

And, if everything goes according to plan I'll be meeting Michael Fassbender (a.k.a young Magneto, a.k.a one of the Inglorious Bastards, a.k.a. the coolest guy ever) on Wednesday.

But, here's some highlights from tonight.

I chatted with Matthew Broderick about his upcoming projects (including the soon-to-be-released Tower Heist and his next Broadway play) and an old movie called "The Stuntman" starring Peter O' Toole.

I bumped in Scott Adsit and asked him about next season of 30 Rock (he doesn't know anything about it, yet) and he expressed a subtle jab about the show not being included in EW's 50 shows were excited to see. I offered up the fact that 30 Rock has gotten a lot of love over the years from EW and he quipped that so has The Office, but it still made the list. Anyway.......he also recommends checking out the 1960's version of Bedazzled.

I saw (but didn't get to speak to) Pierce Brosnan who looked as bond-awesome as ever. I did overhear a reporter ask if he would ever consider doing another musical (a la Mamma Mia) to which he replied "Of Course."

And someone asked Greg Kinnear if he would be willing to replace Regis Philbin (who is leaving his morning talk show this year) to which he said "No one could EVER replace Regis"

Other than that I saw (in order of cool), Emma Roberts, Chord Overstreet, Sarah Jessica Parker, Christina Hendricks, Olivia Munn and, aparrently, one of the Jonas Brothers.

There were others, and a lot of talk about fashion which all went over my head. Red Carpets are way annoying, I had a set question to ask everyone but only got the chance with two people (not including the person I was explicitly sent there to get) so this may be my LAST red carpet for a while depending on how disappointed EW is with me.

Funny though, I couldn't help thinking how similar it was to a Crime Scene press conference. The lightning was certainly better, and the subject less grim, but the mechanics were exactly the same.


  1. That's awesome. You would have had a lovely time talking to Mr. Bond. My dad always raves about the celebrities he has gotten to work with and Pierce usually tops the chart in how friendly and classy he is.

  2. How does Sarah Jessica Parker rank higher than Olivia Munn??? How?

  3. Obviously not for looks (YOWZA). More for the sense of sheer celebrity. I really don't have any idea who Olivia Munn is and while I don't care much for SJP movies and don't necessarily have anything against HER as a person. Plus, she's Mrs. Beuller.

  4. That is so cool that you were just chatting away to Mathew Broderick. I like that you put the pictures of everyone up for those of us who are celebrity-name-challenged. But Ben, SJP - ugh, I thought you hated her- however she still is a celebrity and so it's cool you got to see her.