Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The New York Post

Better late than never huh? I went to New York a month ago (for the first time). It was wonderful. There's really not much to say so I'll just do a quick old-person-esque blog post and just throw cute pictures of myself at you.

I was accompanied by my usual team of misfits: Kasey and Emily. We took the red eye out of Salt Lake and got in at JFK around 6:30 in the morning.

We dropped of our bags at the Luxurious Hotel Carter and made our way to the Empire to beat the crowds. We don't have many pictures of this leg of the journey because someone was in such a negative-nancy jetlagged state that we were threatened with physical injury.

After that we hung out 0n times square where we saw Donnie and Marie (waste of a celebrity sighting) but then luckily noticed that they were filming an episode of L&O:CI with guest star SHOOTER MCGAVIN! I was excited.

Hot dogs, because you gotta.

How to succeed in business, one of the two broadway shows we saw (the other being Avenue Q). HTSIB=B+ AQ=A-

Rockefeller, which I loved for all the Atlas Shrug-sian things around. And, you know, NBC is cool too I guess.

Me and Em after doing baptisms in the manhattan temple. Em kind of sucks to baptise, she just drops like a stone. Best part was how she went on and on about how good she was right before we started :-> then nearly drowned me.

Rock Stars.

LOVE Central Park. I saw a dead body covered with a sheet while jogging too.

I had a meet and greet with the internship coordinator at Entertainment Weekly (best magazine ever). Don't worry, I wasn't wearing what I am in this picture. Also, I applied for a job so everyone cross your fingers.

My sister dragged me out of bed to meet her on Times Square at midnight. She was traveling through Canada and we just happened to intersect in NY.

On the roof of the Met, I needed about 3 more hours but my associates aren't as cultured as I am.

Us on a Times Square billboard. The girls bought sexy underwear, I bought some comfortable shorts. Venus and Mars.


  1. The only thing that would have made this trip better would have been a trip to Tuckahoe Funland.

  2. Fun trip. I love how you casually throw in the comment that you saw a dead body wrapped up in a sheet and then went on with the post. Do I know the details of that story? Ugh - I hope you don't find any more now that you're living there!