Thursday, May 19, 2011

Band of the day

Recently I have relocated myself to Salt Lake City to pursue my dreams. More or less. Aside from the obvious increase in commercial entities compared to Logan there is a noticeable difference in my cultural saturation that I had nearly forgotten about.

The radio.

I had pretty much given up on the radio, mostly due to the fact that it has evolved into the music industry's B*** and even "alternative" stations seem to overplay the same Top 40 garbage that MTV is trying to shove down myself. Also, you just plain can't get anything in Logan.

That said, I have loved, do love, and will always love X96.

Granted, my musical tastes have matured slightly over the years and I've grown slightly too old for the X but it is still the best radio station in Utah. I'm sidetracked, back to the point.

Since I can actually get it and since I've been driving predominately short distances lately I haven't bothered dealing with my tempermental iPod and have elected instead to kick it old school on the airwaves. It's been fun, I've been able to catch Radio From Hell on my way to work in the mornings and a healthy sampling of today's alternative rock springled in with classics like Jimmy Eat World and Switchfoot as well as crappy X96 staples like Nirvana.

I didn't expect to fall in love, hence my surprise in being introduced to a little band called Mumford and Sons.

I thought to myself "Self, I can't be discovering a good band via RADIO. Surely my hipster friends and/or pandora would've alerted me to their existence already. They must suck and this is merely a fluke decent tune."

But then I heard another song, and another. Each with an ambrosia blend of folk instrumentation and rock style lyricism.

Apparently there is still some good stuff on the radio. Color me dumbfounded. Check them out for yourself. The videos aren't perfect, but the songs are pretty slick.


  1. These guys are pretty fun. They are on the cover of my new SPIN magazine that is sitting next to my computer. They talk about how they are leading the new Americana style of music, which is funny cuz they are from Britain.

  2. What's sad is how often it really is that U.K. imports lead the new american styles

  3. Oh reading this does make me miss our Radio from Hell morning rides to school. I've lived here 3 years and still haven't found radio stations for me - and I am not all that picky even.