Thursday, April 14, 2011

Senior Year Bucket List: Boo Yah

24. Eat in the Junction/Marketplace
25. Bike down the Old Main steps
26. Crowd Surf

I can't tell you how many times I've sat at this spot, on my bike, staring down all 124 steps of Old Main Hill.

Biking down steps is not altogether difficult, it's actually quite fun. The problem here comes with the length of the descent, in that gravity tends to accelerate objects moving down a slope, creating the need to break, which creates the possibility of flipping your bike over, especially when bouncing up and down. Making matters worse, the "flat" sections between flights are actually quite slanted and the entire thing ends in a steep 8-stair that dumps you out into the middle of an intersection where oncoming traffic does not have a stop sign.

So, I did it today. There were a few pedestrians that looked at me with a mixed expression of "who is this idiot" and "please, don't hurt me in the process" but I made it down fine. I went a little slower than I'd like. I might have to do it again for pride. The problem being that biking down there means it takes longer for me to get home. Ohhh, the price of greatness.


  1. Let's eat at the Marketplace! Choose a day you have a lot of studying to do and we will get there early and stake-out a good table. Then you pay the expensive price to get in, but the joke is on them because you stay ALL day and eat tons of food while you study. Worth it.

  2. Erin, that sounds awesome. Some time closer to finals?

  3. That sounds terrifying frankly. I'm such a bike sissy! I'd be sure to flip over or take out a few pedestrians or both. Did you ever make it to the junction? Can't remember from your other post.