Thursday, April 14, 2011

Death Cab for Benny

I like Death Cab. Their music has always had a sort of nostalgia-inducing effect on me. Back in high school when the O.C. was in its first and (only decent) season I got my first taste of the indie rockers and then freshman year in college brought me "Soul Meets Body." The Sigma Alpha Eta boys (what we called our apartment, yeah, we thought we were cool) had an unwritten soundtrack (tracks included: Nightmare of You "Buried in Your Backyard" and The Academy Is "Slow Down" among others) and SMB was track one, or at least would have been if we had ever actually made the CD (much like the T-shirts we were "going" to make).

Over the years, Death Cab has produced a steady flow of decent hits as well as the occasional Epic (I freaking dig "I will possess your heart" in all of it's non-radio ready 8 minute creepiness).

So, when I got word that the video for their latest single ("You are a tourist") would be shot live in one take I was both intrigued and skeptical. Bands that I like had produced similar "experimental" videos with mixed results (thumbs up on "This too shall pass" by Ok Go, thumbs down on "Pork and Beans" by Weezer) and I usually err on the side of simplicity.

That said, "Tourist" turns out to be a pretty slick vid. I dig the visuals, I appreciate the background dancers and the song itself is pretty catchy.

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