Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Busy Day

Today (as in 12:01 a.m. last night) I got home from work. I was absolutely PSYCHED to be getting home at such a decent hour so I curled up in bed. It was about then that I remembered I was supposed to "testify" in class the next day and had not prepared. I looked at the clock, for the first time in weeks I was in bed before 1:00 so I decided to wake up early instead of stay up late.

8:45 my alarm clock rings and I decided that was a bad idea. I exercise, shower, eat two bowls of Honey Bunches (one bowl is just never enough) and start walking up to campus. It was freezing. It looked nice a sunny so I wore a suit jacket instead of a coat. I looked Hot. I was freezing.

9:45 I walk into The Statesman and wiggle my fingers to bring my left hand back to life (don't eat an apple outside on cold days, it freezes your hand). I sit down and start putting my testimony together. I have to advocate for USU 7 (really H.R. 377) The College Football Act of 2009 before the Senate "Commerce Committee" (my classmates playing make-believe). The key point in my testimony was Senator Orrin Hatch's (he's real) opening statements before the Senate Anti-trust Committee in 2009. I had read this document all weekend long. For some reason however, the website didn't exist this morning.

No bother, I rallied some other info together and got to class. 10:45 I'm testifying, trying to slow myself down and not lose my breath (what happens when I speak in front of a group, that's why I'm a writer. There's no way for you readers to know that right now I'm actually panting in a flop sweat) although it's even more difficult as I am talking about a subject I'm passionate about (kill, I mean KILL the BCS).

11:45 I'm back in my office trying to get a hold of someone from the Logan School District for an article. School Districts (in my experience) are particularly bad at dealing with the press. True to form, I get bounced around a few times before ending up on someone's voicemail. I leave my number, he still hasn't called (typical man). I had planned for a 15-minute interview, so I start writing my article before heading to choir.

12:45 I'm singing "Route 66" which is, apparently, where you get your kicks.

1:45 I'm in Intermediate Guitar learning the Major Pentatonic scale. I've been playing piano for 16 years. 16 YEARS! Why is it I'm only learning these theory basics now?

2:45 I'm walking back to the TSC. I meet Claire on the way and she gives me a spare key to her apartment so I can set up for the movie we're shooting tonight. I'm carrying my guitar and juggling my phone with the other hand trying to beg people to come and be extras.

3:45 I'm back in my office. I forgot to mark up the photos for today's paper so I get that out of the way. Things are quiet at the Statesman this time of the week, so I take advantage of the "relative" calm to work on my article some more. The only distraction is yet another one of my colleague's romantic conquests putting on some show for brownie points about how he's "bad at relationships." People get what they pay for.

Weird part, the missionaries drop by. I see them coming a mile away because they stop at the staff board to see who's in charge. The last two chumps tried to get us to write an article about them, they were told no. I told these guys the same thing (at least they bothered to come talk to the boss instead of the girl who tells people she's the boss. Frankly, I love anonymity, if she wants the bulls-eye she can have it). After I tell them that, on principal of objectivity, we can't endorse them in our paper, they ask me a question

Elder: So, how do we get in the paper?
Me: You buy an advertisement.
Elder: We buy and advertisement?
Me: Yes.
Elder: How much would that cost?

The businessman inside of me says "sweet, got an ad" while the mormon/returned missionary inside me says "what now?"

Mr. Ausie Senior Companion had better have one loaded daddy because that, to me, does not seem like an appropriate use of money for a missionary. Still, if someone wants to buy ad space in my paper I sure ain't gonna say no. So I walk 'em over to Jay and he sets them up for a 3x3.

That took too long, I need to catch back up.

4:45 I have to run to the store to get a six back of a bottled drink that looks like beer if you're not paying attention, a bottle opener, and plastic cups. While I'm there I pick up some cheese (I was out) and some salad (ditto) and I get $20 cash back so I can buy my tickets to the Beat Slam and donate some money to Japan. It's amazing how fast you can spend $40. Looks like I'm not getting out of the hole this month.

5:45 I'm eating salad and watching Hulu. Castle, to be specific. Spinach, mixed with romaine lettuce with some grated cheese and dressed with Jalapeno Ranch. I'm usually not a ranch guy, but the jalapeno stuff is great.

6:45 I'm at Claire's house setting up for the shoot. I'm already panicking, which is bad. I haven't actually cast anyone which means no one has seen their lines but me. Claire is not yet home so I'm just running around her house while her two roommates wonder who the psycho is.

7:45 We've started filming. Things are chaos. We have no men. None. I never thought this would be a problem. I assume a speaking role (problematic) and Skyler assumes the lead (great choice, it just required some adaptation). Really, the theme of tonight's shoot was adaptation.

8:45 My extras are getting noticeably antsy, understandably. Most of them have just been sitting on the floor doing nothing for two hours and I had the mental goal of being done by 9:00. They all did great, and after I sent my round of "thank you thank you thank you" texts either they were being polite or they actually kind of enjoyed the experience.

9:45 In Tyler's basement transferring the audio and video to his laptop. One scene in particular looks darker than dark and the whole thing looks grainy. That's the problem with a night shot and limited lighting, really high ISO, really grainy image. Then I remember how it's going to cost me $25 to submit the film, and we're still not done shooting. Why do I do this. Oh yeah, because I love the finished product

10:45 Home. I tell myself, go to bed, get the extra sleep. Then I tell myself, let's just check our email really quick. Then I tell myself, blog? Now I'm saying, "hmmm, a bowl of Honey Bunches sounds delicious" (which means two) and "hmmm, extra time, I should read Cat's Cradle."

Now it's 11, if I can get in bed by midnight it'll be an accomplishement.

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