Sunday, February 27, 2011

Senior Bucket List: Pic with Blue

16. Go into one of the Sorority houses
17. Kiss a girl who smokes
18. Get a picture with Big Blue

Not much to say about this one. After senior night we went down on the court to watch the net cutting (props to Fafner for getting his share) and Big Blue was nicely standing in a corner taking pictures.

Interested note, if you look at where blue's eye-holes are, he's only got a couple of inches on me.

This was my last home game in the Spectrum as an undergrad and potentially ever. It was a very bittersweet moment for me. I remember before the game started looking around at the crowd cheering the Scottsman thinking "this is it for me, I'm finished here." While I didn't expect to get emotional I did, especially after the half when Idaho took their first free throw and the whole front row got "Wild"ed up. Nice one guys!


  1. This is nice. But, I don't think you should kiss a girl who smokes!

  2. Oh sad. "Maybe someday, we'll meet again..." I still hate change.