Sunday, February 20, 2011

Midnight Ramblings: The Villain

Sympathy is such an easy thing to come by. Especially in today's high-speed, full disclosure world of social networking, all it takes is for someone to put as much as a frowny-face emoticon as their facebook status to receive an outpouring of well-wishers and pats on the back.

Remind yourself, at times, of the examples that your own life, and the lives of your closest friends, has shown you. The difference between victim and villain is seldom decided by right and wrong, but more by the hand that writes the history books. Too often have I watched as the labels are reversed (on the surface, mind you) by an expertly placed plea for pity.

Yet while the ignorant masses may swarm around you, eager to show their alms for your affection, there is one constant truth that the effected parties will always know. One of them, beneath all the convenient tears, is a monster.

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  1. Sorry to blog stalk you... But this is really good. I completely understand what you mean. Self pity should be the eighth deadly sin.