Monday, February 21, 2011

Fringe Festival 2011

Dream Team Productions' frontmen Tyler Barlow and Benjamin Wood confirmed Monday that work has begun on the second installment of their Fringe Film Festival series. While the details were vague, Executive Producer Benjamin Wood let slip a few hints at what this year's entrance will bring us.

"Our current project is NOT a sequel to Great Expectations. Tyler and I looked over our options and decided that it was best to go in a new direction."

What direction might that be? It is assumed that this year's project, tentatively referred to as "Fringe 2" will bring DTP's signature melancholy-romantic-dramedy style, especially given this year's Festival theme of "Twitterpated." Director Tyler Barlow is reported to be looking for a male and female lead but as yet, there is no word on whether Barlow and Wood will reunite with their stars David and Meredith Ingram, who were married after filming wrapped on Great Expectations.

"Dave and Meredith are phenomenal actors and close friends," said Director Tyler Barlow. "We welcome the thought of working with them again but as yet no roles have been cast and the script is still taking shape."

Festival insiders have been hush hush about who we can expect to make a repeat performance. Many of last year's top prizewinners -- including "Blinked" writer/director Pete Smithsuth -- have since relocated to overseas markets. Wood said he is excited about the changes made to this year's festival and looks forward to using Fringe 2 to try new things.

"We learned a lot last year," Wood said. "We put together a great film and took home one of the audience awards but there's always improvements that can be made. This year's festival, with the films screening at the Logan Arts Cinema and with one more year of experience behind us, all I can say is you're going to be blown away."

(above image: The cast and crew of "Great Expectations" at the film's premiere. Great Expectations won 2nd Place Audience Choice at the 2010 Fringe Film Festival.)

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