Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sorority Row

15. Go through the tunnels
16. Go into one of the Sorority houses
17. Kiss a girl who smokes (I could live without completing this one)

I've been talking about this for four years and finally, today I went inside one of the sorority houses. One of my sports writers needed to borrow a recorder from one of my features writers (who lives in the Alpha Chi Omega abode) so I went along with them.

It wasn't exactly the magical event that I imagined would carry me through the threshold but it works. No underwear pillow fighting going on. It was actually quite nice and homey inside. I think a girl was playing hymns on the piano. HYMNS! Such a learning experience. I just might go back sometime.


  1. Haha. Yes. Pretty boring. Sometimes Friday nights are a little more exciting but there is usually just piano playing, singing, snack-eating and some gossip.

  2. Hahaha This is quite entertaining to me. Glad I could help. :)