Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sporty Spice

After 3 months in the big chair I decided to finally try my hand at some sports photography. Actually, our usual guy tapped out last minute and the game was in Provo so I just went ahead and grabbed it.

Shooting games is not easy. I probably took 500 pictures and walked away with maybe a dozen that were usable. I'm a rookie, and my focus kept going onto the crowd. I have some really awesome, albeit blurry, action shots. *Sigh*

I hate Jimmer. I didn't know anything about him going into our game against BYU and even when I was sitting on the court shooting this guy named Fredette kept getting in my view with his dumb, cocky face. I didn't put 2 and 2 together till the game was over.

I really like that last one. Growing up with a mother obsessed with pictures of peoples backs may have affected my tastes slightly. And (below) Stew is the man.

The next week was our last home football game so I took our spare pass and went to get some more practice. Basketball was hard, football was harder. With more than twice as many players in action and a whole lot going on during the plays it was really hard to get a decent shot. Plus, even after borrowing my photo editor's monster lens, I still needed something a little bigger.

Diondre doin' what he does best: scramblin'.

That shot didn't work out quite right but it looked really funny to me with the two refs chatting while the cheerleaders just stood there for a few minutes in their monk-esque white ponchos. Something went wrong because after literally just standing like that, they ran off the field without cheering.

Coach Anderson, maybe next year. *Sigh*

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  1. Cool shots! How does it feel sittin' in the "big chair" maybe you should post about that. :)