Thursday, October 21, 2010


7. Go into the O.C. Tanner Lounge
8. Perform at PoBev (Count it!)
9. Jam in the amphitheater

Two weeks ago we scratched number 8 off the Bucket List. I had seen that they were going to be doing Dueling Pianos and while I didn't have a co-dueler I figured I'd sign up for one of the opening acts. Turns out, not to many pianists signed up so I got a phone call from Tom Atwood saying that I would be dueling with classically trained protege pianist extraordinaire Branden Lee.

We met Wednesday. Practiced for the one and only time Saturday afternoon and saddled up Saturday night for an hour-long set.

I ended up doing most of the singing, but Branden pulled the heavy lifting on the piano. I forgot a whole verse of "Sweet Caroline" and our "Billionaire" just crashed and burned. Still, we closed up with an epic rendition of Piano Man and in the end I walked away with $6 from the crowed.

Check out the videos


  1. I don't know what PoBev means, but I feel like these are the kind of things we should be at. you should let us know. Anyway the videos were awesome. Also I know what becoming a true Aggie means and you better not get caught.