Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Senior Year Bucket List

This is going to be significantly harder without Dave Willis but here we go. In no particular order I will:

1. Sleep on the Quad or Old Main Hill
2. Go to Club New York
3. Become a true Aggie one more time
4. Clean the sink (again)
5. Sleep in my office
6. Get on the roof of one of the buildings on campus, preferably Old Main
7. Go into the O.C. Tanner Lounge (DONE!)
8. Perform at PoBev
9. Jam in the amphitheater
10. Ride the LTD to Preston
11. Eat at LD's
12. Eat at the Coppermill
13. Get into the police blotter
14. Become an ULTIMATE Aggie
15. Go through the tunnels
16. Go into one of the Sorority houses
17. Kiss a girl who smokes (I could live without completing this one)
18. Get a picture with Big Blue
19. Fall in love (Count it!)
20. Pull an all-nighter (haven't done one since high school)
21. Toilet paper someone's apartment
22. Go to Old Ephraim's grave (this is going to be hard to do before I graduate)
23. Hike the Wellsvilles (so close, yet so far away)
24. Eat in the Junction/Marketplace
25. Bike down the Old Main steps
26. Crowd Surf


  1. I once saw a blotter entry about a guy who was walking home from school, needed a break and laid down in some leaves. Apparently it freaked someone out so the police came to investigate. So... yeah, I don't think that goal will be too hard to reach.

  2. Well you can sleep on the Quad tonight... And as far as the Wellsvilles and tunnels go, I totally want to come with! haha

  3. Okay, but I don't want my daughter to start smoking to help you cross off #17.

    Rob Adams