Saturday, August 7, 2010

Nothing Rhymes With Woman

Recomended background music for this post. "The Boxer" by Carbon Leaf on Echo Echo.

Photos by Mandie Harris

About two, three weeks ago now I had my face blown off at Kilby Court by Carbon Leaf, one of my all-time favorite bands.

I had never been to Kilby before this and for those of you that haven't been there, it's a garage. There couldn't have been more than 100 people packed in there and your's truly was front row stage right, close enough to spit on the band. But why would I.

There really is nothing like seeing one of your favorite bands live, and when they actually blow your expectations out of the water it is often too much to emotionally bear. Such was the case with CL. They packed a two-hour set with a little bit of everything; from their indy Echo Echo days to their as-yet-unreleased in tangible CD form How The West Was One, which also marks their first production since splitting from their record label.

In one awesome 4-5 song set, the entire band unplugged and gathered round one old-fashioned microphone a la Grand Opera Style and Rocked. The. House.

Still, when they played Lake of Silver Bells, I almost cried. Not really, but yeah.

Me and Catherine waiting for the show to start (p.s., in case any of you that were put-off by my last post are in attendance--as requested, this is my real face. Begin.)

My sister Mandie and her friend Ryan (would you believe she's a mother of 4? Check out her pictures here)

Semi-botched group shot. All the good ones are in frame.

Parking lot rooftop Irish dancing post-concert at Hire's Big H.

More of the same.

In case you're not noticing, that's a washboard, a mandolin, AND an upright base in this picture. They also rocked an accordion, a violin, banjo, gourd, tin can, a harmonica and some crazy irish flute thing. Boo Yah!

After the show Catherine and I made the long trek back to Logan. She bounced in and out of consciousness while I weaved through single-lane traffic on I-15. Still, I was flying high, awesome night. Check them out.

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