Saturday, August 28, 2010

I think I left my heart somewhere

About half-way through the summer I decided that since I'd be quitting my dead-end job at the bakery come fall, I might as well quit a few weeks early and see the world. After my sojourn in GA, I came home for a couple of days of mental and emotional frustration (don't ask) and set sail immediately for San Francisco.

I had gone to S.F. once before when I was in my mid-teens. On that trip we toured Alcatraz, ate clam chowder every day, and rocked out in China town. This time we decided to see Wicked, a Giant's game, eat clam chowder every day and rock out the last two days in Monterrey.

We ended up seeing Wicked and the ballgame all in one awesomely spectatoral day (made up word). I've been hearing about wicked since the thing opened on Broadway and it lived up to the hype. The fact that we were in the Orpheum theatre didn't hurt anything either.

The ballgame was epic (my first major league experience). We sat high right with a great view of the game, the skyline, and the bay. We ate garlic fries. During the game there was a splash hit, a grand slam, and the Giant's ended up winning in the bottom of the ninth with a ground rule double. Perfect.

We spent the next couple of days wandering around S.F.: the wharf, china town, coit tower. We rode public transit like we owned the city and even caught a high-tech production of Peter Pan where the dad/hunter from Jumanji was capt. hook.

The captain of our little tour boat told us that it's tradition to make a wish the first time you go under the golden gate. I obviously can't tell you what mine was but I'll give you a hint: it was about a person, and wishing under bridges is just about my last resort.

For the last two days we headed down to Monterrey and got some cold cloudy beach time and checked out the aquarium. By "checked out" I mean we were there for about 12 hours as my mom progressed at a snails pace, oohing awwing at every inch of glass. I can't say I love aquariums. They're just zoos with water. And I find zoos depressing.

I ended up sleeping for about 7 hours on the way home. I conveniently was wide awake, however, for the gorgeous countryside that starts in Reno, continues to Wendover, and goes across the Bonneville salt flats. It's a truly stunning vista of terrain.


  1. Stellar shots Ben, I am in Photo envy!!

  2. Oh man... I love SF. I went for Spring Break last year and have been dying to go back... I'm so jealous!