Thursday, June 10, 2010

Where I'm From

This is a somewhat pointless post, due to the fact that there's only a couple of people outside my immediate family that actually read this blog.

Still, last time I went home I took a few pictures that remind me of Huntsville, and home, and I thought I'd share.

I love Huntsville. Beyond that, I love living in what is technically Unincorporated county territory. I love that there are no stop lights. I love that there's only two gas stations. I love that there's only one bar. I love that I can shoot guns off of the deck. I love having space to light a fire in the back yard. I love yield signs. I love livestock in the field. I love waking up to wild game outside the window. I love rivers and lakes. I love being able to see the stars. I love the smell of burning ditches.

Living in Logan, I don't go home very often; and much less than my mother would like. But everytime I do, I love that first glance at Huntsville, right as your coming out of the canyon over Pineview spillway. After that its only a few minutes to my house, where the Walls-of-water stand protecting the fragile tomato plants and sheep graze in the neighboring property.

Inside the house is a rag-tag decor of the thousands of random treasures that my mother has collected/made over the years. On the coffee table, the morning paper. I would watch the nightly news growing up, but no where near the daily regularity of feeling the ink on my fingers while I ate my morning bowl of cereal. I've been a newspaper man from a very young age.


  1. I don't think I knew you were from Huntsville. Honestly, I'm jealous! I love it up there! I spent four summers working at Camp Kiesel, so I drove through that general area all the time. It's beautiful!

  2. Nice post.It's good for us non-family members to see where you come from.

  3. Ah sigh, the valley. Loved this post. I'm catching up on all the posts that I've missed lately, so will only comment on a few today. But have enjoyed reading up on them all!