Sunday, June 27, 2010

Eat Schmidt and Die

Last weekend (or s0, I have no concept of time anymore) I had my first of hopefully a long summer of outdoor concert excursions. Utah-based piano sensation (I use that term lightly) Jon Schmidt played a free outdoor gig at Nibley, followed by fireworks.

Last year I was assigned Nibley in my Reporting Public Affairs class and spent a semester attending their bi-weekly city council meetings as well as any other happening event in the community. Nibley is great, and with Logan, North Logan, and Providence becoming burgeoning metropolises it's the place to be for close, but far relaxation in Cache Valley. And, for a relatively small town, they put on some pretty well-organized events.

I'm not particularly fond of Jon Schmidt's music, and after seeing his act three times with almost no alteration whatsoever he leaves much to be desired. However, a free outdoor show in Nibley with fireworks? I watch a Katy Perry concert under those circumstances.

Needless to say, the evening was highly enjoyable. Trevor, Hayley, Skyler, Rachel and Allie kicked it on a blanket while I scampered around taking pictures for CVDaily.

The Boys, it took a few tries to get one with all of us "smiling"

Ben at Work: Rachel took this shot of me taking a shot of Jon Schmidt. As it turns out Allie was taking a picture of Rachel at the same time.

The girls, significantly more impressive.

Skyler in the heat of the moment; or, maybe just in heat.

The many moods of Trevor and Hayley.

Now that this is behind me, I'm feeling a familiar itch for the Twilight Concerts that start next week in SLC. Bring it on baby.

Shmidty wrapping up the night with his "Love Song/Viva La Vida" staple.

Nibley fireworks. I'm especially glad I went to these since I might miss out on fireworks for the 4th of July thanks to the brilliance of my employer.


  1. I've seen Jon play six or seven times and I never get sick of it. I could seriously listen to him play for hours. He's my hero. He came played for Robins/Blue Carpet Ball last year and I actually got to sit and eat dinner with him and talk to him about piano. So amazing!!