Saturday, June 12, 2010

Awards Season: Epilogue

The 2009-2010 Awards season finally came to an end yesterday night with the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) Utah Headliners awards. The event was held at the University of Utah Officers Club, which, good luck if you ever try to find it; don't even bother with google maps. I spent 45 minutes driving in circles looking for a series of roads that do not intersect each other. Thanks google.

After the long and tumultuous drive, in the rain no less, I arrived (alone, a growing trend this summer). I actually got there early and ended up spending about 20 minutes at a table by myself politely declining about 20 glasses of wine offered me by the ever-attentive event staff.

On the table directly behind me was the staff from BYU's The Daily Universe (dumbest name for a college paper) and no joke, every single one of them was overweight. I actually learned that they were the Universe by a member of the SPJ Board who chatted with me briefly and found out that I was from the Statesman. I was wearing a black open collar shirt with a vest and he said to me "That's the Daily Universe behind you, the guy in the mission suit." We shared a laugh at the expense of the portly mormon seated at my 6 and then the board member went on his way.

Finally people sat at my table. At first it was an elderly couple from Tooele County that had absolutely no idea why they were even there, and then the rest of the seats were filled by the staff of Weber State's Signpost (I'm not a fan of that name either, but it sure beats the crap out of The Daily Universe). Like all awkward people from WSU they knew my sister Leah, and the bulk of our relatively short conversation focused on that subject.

We had a nice meal, some sort of spinach-stuffed chicken breast and some amazing potatoes, and then the awards began.

The Statesman did extremely well. All in all we received 4 first-place awards. A 2nd place for overall best paper in our division, and a number of individual 2nds, 3rds and honorable mentions. More importantly, we creamed The Signpost.

I was awarded 1st place in Review/Criticism for my review of (500) Days of Summerd (they typo-ed the title on my trophy). In the presentation of the award the judges said that I balanced critique and synopsis without giving too much away. I also got a 3rd place in Education Reporting for my article on USU students being the best in the state at repaying loans, and a 2nd place in Criminal Justice reporting for my article about Anthony DiLoreto, the aggie basketball player who robbed a bank in Wisconsin before donning the blue and white.

Sadly, these article are no longer available online due to our switching to a new website.

In perfect fashion Catherine was awarded 1st place in Education reporting (where I got third) without even submitting a single article. It just goes to show that time and time again she seems to be right on my heels with seemingly no effort whatsoever.

The night was actually cut short by a power outage, which no one seemed to mind. I was sad that Pete's ROTC photo page didn't get to be presented (1st place Page Design/Feature Page), mostly because I was looking forward to the Oohs and Aahs from the room. It really was one darn impressive piece of work.

All in all: Statesman=25 awards. Me=3 awards.


  1. HEY?! Are you saying that all people from WSU are awkward or that the ones that know me are all awkward. Hmm, either way it seems like a loose-loose scenario.

  2. There's a couple of not-awkward people at don't know them :->