Monday, May 17, 2010

This is the start of something good

For some time now my elders in the ways of journalism have been telling me that the only way you can get a job in the dying market is to have some photo experience. As such I have been looking towards purchasing a camera about a year and a recent academic scholarship pushed me to do just that.

So, 850 bones later I have a shiny new toy.

My first muse was - obviously - my gorgeously damaged Packard piano. It was 11:30 at night when I finally got my battery charged and went to work shooting my keyboard at different angles for about an hour.

The next day I got kidnapped into a polygadate in Salt Lake. Being the odd man out I brought my camera for some supplementary entertainment. Mostly this resulted in posed fbook-ready shots and the occasional explanation-less gem.

We ate at the pie (sidenote: if you've never eaten at The Pie Pizzaria in Salt Lake, drop what you're doing an go now. Also, if you're thinking "I've eaten at The Pie in Ogden, same thing" promptly take your right hand and slap yourself).

After we got back to logan we found that the block surrounding my apartment was ablaze with the lights of an entire fleet of emergency response personel. Apparently, the apartment complex across my street had caught on fire. We didn't make it in time to see the flames, but I still had a lot of fun scrambling around getting night shots.


  1. So does this mean I need to get working on my photo skills, dearest "elder of mine in the ways of journalism?"

  2. Trevor & I have a list of local places we need to try and the Pie is definitely on there...guess we need to make it a priority!