Tuesday, May 18, 2010


"Who is this?" I typed, hands numbing to the building chill in the air.
The message on my phone had jarred me violently from my cathartic half-sleep; pulling my mind back to my body slung across a hammock next to first dam. I checked the clock on my phone, not sure when I had fallen asleep whether I had just bounced back and forth in consciousness since I first began reading three hours earlier.
The unknown sender's reply came fast. Their first message had been innocent enough - an invitation to a barbecue from a phone number that I didn't recongnize - their second however, was enigmatic at best.
"Um actually..." it began, "I didin't mean to text you. Trust me you wouldn't want to come if you knew who it was."
Fully awake now, my mind puzzled over the implications of this message. Obviously this person know who I was, and at some point had obtained my phone number. Had I, at some point, deleted their number from my phonebook? Where they a woman scorned whose fury hell hath none? Was it just a simple wrong number with a facetious retort?
At that moment the first subtle drops of rain struck me and I looked up to see an ever-darkening sky. The wind was picking up, sending cool air over the nearby water and up the hill to where I lay.
I took one last look at the message, shut my phone and began gathering my things. I thought about pressing the issue further, then decided to let it be. Whether or not they mean it, I like to take people at their word.
Whoever they were, they didn't think I'd be interested in their barbecue.
Good enough for me.

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