Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lord of the Flame

We all met up at Meredith's house in Hyde Park for a farewell hot dog roast - she's heading to Baltimore for the summer, only to return and wed my friend Ingram, so goodbye twice - giving me more fodder for the cannon and another round of night shots.

Isn't fire amazing? The way it just...burns. I've seen all sorts of pictures taken of it, good and bad, and yet there is no replacement for the real thing; watching the colors flicker and feeling the heat on your face.

Dave was able to talk our new friends Tequila and Shenae into coming. Tequila apparently has a thing for hot dogs. She had three and a half with us, and a few more earlier for dinner.


  1. First off, are my comments not showing up because I commented on your last post, and now I see it's not there. Because I thought that I could read a novel from that point on, also that pic at the first is awesome, and is her name really tequilla? Does it sound different than I think it would?

  2. I think they're showing up. Course, I wouldn't really know if they weren't but some are definitely showing up.
    Her name is actually Telisha, but we call her Tequilla.