Monday, May 3, 2010

All's Well that Ends Well

After all was said and done on the Peter Breinholt concert, we had raised $1,007. As you may recall we needed $1,000 to get out of our final exam. Lo and behold, the managers at the Kent Concert Hall had failed to appropriately take into effect the face that we represented a non-profit organization and charged us sales tax, dropping our total to a dismal $816.

We were fine with that. We put on a great show, I got a free pick and a CD from Peter B, and we were ready to take our exam. But...

Dave Herrmann, our professor and as you may recall a featured guest at our concert, selected our group as the Prof's Pick for this year and as such, no final for us. So, since I just got done taking my final for Media Law and since my one and only other final is a breezer on Friday, my summer has officially started.

Watch out here I come.

Media Law has been a particularly interesting little nugget of my life this last semester. After receiving my all-time lowest grade (66%) on a paper, I rallied to receive a 100% and a 95% on subsequent assessments. Now I just have to wait for my results from the Final but it would take something near cataclysmic to result in a failing grade (as long as I pass, I really don't care).

Now the only thing between me and a Grecian life of hammocks and grapes is a few staff interviews for The Statesman. It's kind of bitter-sweet. This will be my last summer in Logan (I would assume, but you know what happens when you assume) so hopefully I can soak it in as much as I can.