Sunday, April 11, 2010

A silent sigh...

I'm behind on blog posts. The last couple of weeks have been chock-full of developments that even having written multiple blogs has not been enough to capture everything. Hopefully in the next couple of days I can get to the succesful completion of my concert, my selection as a "Man of the Year" finalist, Great Expectations, and the hassles that have presented themselves in connection to my being elected as a state delegate for the republican national convention.

But first, california.

For spring break we took a little trip down to L.A., I'll handle this chronologically.

We spent Friday driving and stopped in Vegas to make the trip easier to swallow. We didn't check into our hotel till about 11:00 pm so we went for a quick stroll up and down the strip before sacking out. On our way down we stopped of at the Jenny Rose gas station which apparently has the dirtiest bathroom on the I-15 corridor. I don't know, I spent the whole stop jumping.

Saturday morning we woke up and finished the drive to Sunny CA. We stayed in East L.A. about 10 minutes away from Seal beach where we spent the bulk of our first day, eating chinese food on the sand and walking along the pier before living it up in the hotel hot tub. The sun was already setting by the time we made it to the beach, and it was still a chilly march but after driving 13 hours to see the ocean I wasn't about to wait before jumping in. I was alone in this endeavor, and my shorts stunk for the rest of the week.

Sunday we went to a local branch and dumped off our baggage (Trevor and Haillee) and spent the day wandering through Chinatown and downtown L.A. We ate lunch at an awesome chinese restaurant where Ronald Reagan had apparently visited at some point, bought incense and medicine balls and visited some wicked cool temple.

After that we headed downtown and checked out the Disney Performance Hall, played in a fountain and rode a 100-yard train that had been closed for 10 years but opened up the day we were there.

After the train ride we were admiring the view when it dawned on me that we were standing directly above the benches that Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Leavitt use in (500) Days of Summer. I ran down, ecstatically, to sit on the bench only to find that the park containing them had closed one hour earlier. My friends walked away, laughing at my despair, and I proceeded to hop the fence, sprint to the bench, sit down, experience an epiphany of love, and return, victorious.

And, for good measure, we finished out the day by jumping some more.

We spent all of Monday on Seal Beach and hit Hollywood on tuesday where we participated in a classic american traidion ...

... and paid tribute to the most influential people of our day...

Wednesday we drove to San Diego. Everyone else spent $40 to look at entrapped animals. I spent $5 on an orange juice and a large chocolate frosty and walked around L.A.'s Balboa Park by myself all day. Artisan shops, museaums, maritime treasures and the freedom of an unknown road. Priceless. After we met back up we headed out to Ocean Beach to catch the sunset on St. Patty's day.


  1. -I used to jump in the ocean any chance I got because after all we were from Utah and how many chances were we going to get - but living by really warm beaches make you weak sauce - there have even been times where I haven't gone in. Crazy!
    -So cool about the bench. Varian makes fun of me but I still love to do things/go places that I've seen in the movies.
    -How was the price is right? I wanted more details on that, that's cool.

    I'll try to refrain from commenting on every post (no promises) but I'm enjoying catching up.
    Love ya,

  2. Price is right was mixed reviews. It seriously took a whole day to do, and involved a lot of sitting and waiting. It's cool to say that I did it but I have no desire to ever go back.