Thursday, April 15, 2010


So, apparently I am worthy of competing for USU's Man of the Year. Back when we were dating Katie decided it would be funny to nominate me for the Robins awards. Those selected as finalists get to attend a schwanky catered banquet full of delusions of grandeur and the nominaTORS are invited along as well. Hence, by nominating me we would be able to crash the party together. Today, I find myself without Katie and with an RSVP to the event.

A little background.

The Robbins awards are a distributed yearly in an awards ceremony that consists almost exclusively of members of ASUSU. You have to be nominated to be considered, and given the average student's lack of interest the ASUSU officers merely scratch each others backs year after year. After their noms are in they use student funds to throw themselves a party, congratulate each other of another year of jobs well done and have a merry old time. Since it is for-them-by-them they aptly have bestowed upon it the rank of "most prestigious of USU awards" adding to their every growing plates of ego sandwitches.

To illustrate this, here is my competition for the MOTY title.

Tyler Tolsen -- ASUSU President
Ben Croshaw -- ASUSU Academic Senate President
Tyler Haws -- ASUSU Student Advocate
Josh Nagao -- ASUSU Programing Director
Me. Assistant Features Editor for the Utah Statesman.

One of these men is not like the others, one of these men doesn't belong.

Don't get me wrong, these are all great guys and I'm 'honored' to be among them. So on April 24th I'm going to put on my duds, stuff myself on free food and toast Tyler Tolsen as he is named MOTY.

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  1. So was it you or Tyler in the end? Fools if they voted for Tyler. :) Love ya,