Thursday, April 29, 2010

Awards Season

First things first, I wasn't named Man of the Year.

That honor went to Ben Croshaw, a very good guy and an absolute stud. Four of us 5 nominees had a men of the year dinner the night before and I really was in good company.

After that awards ceremony, a few other things happened.

Our annual Journalism and Communication (JCOM) Banquet was last week at Hamilton's (swanky) and due to my post-adolescent awkwardness I decided not to attend because I didn't want to show up alone.

That day, Catherine called me to see if I was going and last minute we hopped in the car and headed down to at least be there for the awards ... just in case.

We arrived an hour and a half late but the food was just hitting the plates so we ordered and dined on some bomb Chicken Cordon Bleu (and Creme Brule, yum-yum).

Then the awards started. I had applied for scholarships but had received no indication that I would be receiving anything that night and no one even suggested that it be a good idea for me to be present. Good thing I was.

Outstanding Print Senior of the year and recipient of $2,500 from the Jon Glassman family endowment - as luck would have it, Catherine was also awarded identical awards immediately after me.

Oh yeah, and I'm the Editor-in-Chief of The Statesman next year.

Bring me summer, I need summer.


  1. Congrats Ben, that is awesome! I honestly miss reading your articles. You'll be awesome.

  2. That's awesome Ben, congratulations!!!