Saturday, March 20, 2010


The bulk of my recent activity has taken place in California (spring break). Since I don't have the pictures yet, I'll leave those shenanigans for a later post.

Last Friday I put up the first set of my allotted number of posters for the Peter Breinholt Concert. I was successful in personally placing fliers at great harvest (where I work), Cafe Ibis (if I drank coffee, THIS would be my place) and the Eccles Theatre (the lady I showed it to was thrilled that Peter B was coming to town (a good sign, no pun intended).

Other than that I was forced to leave a poster behind at the discretion of an approving third party. I left one with the grumpy secretary of Logan High School's LDS Institute, another Why Sound and yet another I merely discarded in the pile of Statesman newspapers waiting outside the not-yet-opened True Aggie Cafe. Later that day I called True Aggie man, explained why I had left a orange and blue poster loitering outside his establishment and he said it would be fine to post.

Then I went to California.

Yesterday I made the rounds to see how my babies were doing. GH and Ibis were still happy as clams, I couldn't see Eccles but I'm pretty sure it's up somewhere in that enormous building. As for the Institute, there was no one there but I could still see my poster lying nonchalantly on the desk, well out of sight of any potential audience member and the True Aggie? I have no idea where that poster went but it is certainly not being displayed.

So I got some more posters.

I personally taped one into the window of Books of Yesterday (an AWESOME used book and video rental store conveniently placed on the corner of 1st North and Main), tacked one to the Wall of Jamba Juice with my own two hands (Jamba, so good, so yummy) and the community board of The Book Table (the pinnacle of shameful Mormonist profiteering) and gave one to a coworker to lias in a Brigham City grocery store (money in the bank).

Today, I drove past the Books of Yesterday and my poster was gone. I asked the employee but they "only work on saturdays," clearly more investigation is necessary.

Out of my 10 posters, only 4 are confirmed standing, 2 possibles, and 4 pending/disappeared.
Time till concert, 18 days.

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