Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It's quiet in Jeruselem Tonight

Just an update on the Peter Breinholt concert.

Our feeble attempts at securing sponsors has come to naught. Now we are relying almost solely on ticket sales to cover our costs and turn a profit. In addition, we are forced to pay out of our pocket for any and all advertising costs, with the hope that we get those investments back in the end. As for me personally, I haven't had to pay a dime. There's a reason I didn't apply to be team leader, this is it.

Still, this should all work out. We haven't sold a single ticket yet but it's still a little early to really start banging the gongs. We're having posters made and will start hitting the streets soon.

If we build it, they will come.

Still, we have over 2000 seats to sell. If we can just manage to pull a decent crowd will be made in the shade.

We were finally able to get on the phone with Peter and talk technical stuff. Trying to do this all over e-mail was definitely beginning to show its constraints. Peter is a really chill guy, he could've gone all prima-donna on us and demanded thousands of dollars worth of lighting and sound equipment but he knows were strapped for cash wanting us to keep our costs down just as much as we are.

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