Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Kudos to You USU

For year's now I have been complaining about the under-utilization of one of (in my opinion) USU's most noteworthy assets, the amphitheater.

I know it doesn't look like much, but this baby--a senior gift from the class of 1925--is nestled at the top of Old Main Hill and offers a great view of Cache Valley, Downtown Logan, and the Logan LDS Temple.

I met the amphitheater in 2005 as a USU freshman. Local SLC band Holloh was playing and I was blown away by what seemed to me the perfect venue for live and local music. Since that evening I've spent many a night there under the stars and the swaying branches of breeze-blown trees wondering "Why? Why does the university lets this go to waste."

Over the summer it seemed that Dave's and my impromptu jam sessions were the only activity occupying the stone steps. Believe me, the amphitheater deserves better than "Begging For Change" to be it's headliner.

This year however, that seems to have changed. In the 6-7 weeks that this semester has been under way there have already been a slew of activities held on the hill: movies, slam poetry by my fav Anis Mojgani and, of course, live music from USU's talented students. Just this Thursday there will be another free concert.

Somebody in ASUSU has noticed this wasted resource and its taking the steps to correct it and for that I applaud. Keep it coming USU.

Now if only they could bring back the secret lounge.

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