Saturday, August 22, 2009

So Long Sweet Summer

This post comes to you from Boise, Idaho where I'm spending the last weekend of summer in a Best Western waiting to suit-up and head to the temple (and D$#! do I look good, I get a tux later). Summer has officially come and gone, school starts on Monday, and on a sad note I've already spent all the money that I made working for the last 4 months (on the brighter side, I am basically rent-free now).

Looking back over the summer there have been some really good times. I made some new friends, played a lot, laughed, lived, and loved. Here's a sampling of the highlights.

Honorable mention: girl problems. I won't go into detail, but this summer was interesting.

5. Notch Lake Back-Packing Trip

We took a two-mile trip into the Unitas in July and relaxed our faces off. I took my hammock, read East of Eden, floated on a raft for a couple of hours, did some cliff jumping, and sat around a campfire for three days.

I love camping. I love waking up in a tent with the sun in my face and that cold chill in the air. Alpine meadows, endless horizons, and good company; taste it. love it. crave it.

4. Ultimate Frisbee

It took Trevor and I about a month to get a solid frisbee game going, once it came together we had ourselves a weekly dose of frustration-venting ambrosia. We had some epic games, some sloppy garbage, and even a few glow-in-the-dark bonanzas, and like all good recreational activities we almost killed Dave.

Frisbee was probably the most memorable event of the summer, it completely changed my social scene and even now I find myself explaining to people "oh, we met through frisbee." Hopefully, this weekly tradition won't be destroyed by school.

3. Jardine Juniper/Tony Grove

I had heard about this trail for years. Any search for the "must-ride" bike trails of utah will include this little Cache Valley gem. I hit this bad-boy twice and even with Dave slowing me down it melted my face. Straight up one way; straight FREAKING down the other and one heckuva mangled tree at the top.
After that me and a group of mostly beginner bikers got our butts kicked by the bunchgrass trail at Tony Grove. You know you're not having fun until you draw blood from the torso; check.

2. Logan Arts Activities

Me and Dave drank Italian Sodas and danced in the street with hippies. I heard a bell choir, a glee club, and sand in the Tabernacle. I wandered around looking at arts and crafts at the fair, I bought a muffin and drank mushroom tea while Dave got a henna tattoo at the farmers market. We even made 15 bucks playing music on Main Street, and had some epic jam sessions in the USU amphitheatre with Akshay the Indian drummer.
Summer in Logan was awesome. Once the rabble clear out you're left with a chill, down-to-earth artsy intermountain scene.

1. TwiCon

Free shows in downtown SL,UT. Black Keys rocked, M. Ward melted my face, and Iron & Wine soothed me into a deep submission. I even got a taste for my biweekly dose of second-hand weed buzz. I've always been a sucker for live music, and TwiCon delivered.

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  1. Dude this post brought a little bit of a tear to my eye. I'm glad that TwiCon reigns supreme on the list. It deserves it. Also, I don't know where you found that ultimate picture or what it means, but I love it.