Saturday, August 29, 2009

Let's All Have Some fun.

Format lovers, come one, come all, and see the new band fun.
Former Format singer Nate Reuss's new project "fun." is officially in full swing with the release of their first studio album Aim and Ignite on tuesday.

Sorry, just audio for now, official video's haven't been released so there's nothing but amateur crowd-cam garbage.

I'm not a prophet but I'm here to profit, and frankly I am absolutely jazzed about this band. Check out the new cd streaming for free on myspace/fun and head over to my brother's blog Woody Style in the next couple days for an album review.


  1. Did you know these guys are playing at Kilby on Sept. 8?

  2. love format! this new song is fun! :) this is becky. thanks for the comment on my blog. havasupai is amazing. cool blog.