Saturday, August 1, 2009

Cute as a Button

I love Utah State's campus: green space, fountains, hills to sled on, and, as of late, pictures of Alexis Bledel. That's right, Alexis Bledel a.k.a. Rory Gillmore, a.k.a Cutey McCuteFace.
Bledel's new move "Post Grad" has made it's way to the coveted spot on the Utah Statesman Bins, peppering our already picturesque landscape filled with this picture.


Just in case you didn't catch it, look at how blue her eyes are.

Now, in case you've ever found yourself wondering "Gee, a wonder what Benjamin Wood's perfect girl is like." The answer, Alexis Bledel. Or, to be more specific, Rory Gilmore. She's smart, beautiful, funny, up to speed on her pop culture references, and if it weren't were that one issue of her being a home-wrecker I would have no problem taking her home to meet my mother. If it were possible to marry a fictional character...well, I think you already know.

I know what some of you (men) are thinking. Something like this: "Bro, she ain't that hot." And to that I tell you that the word Hot is one of the most subjetive on the planet; and quite often doesn't encompase enough facets of a human being. I also tell you, this:


I was discussing this with my cousing the other day. We were talking about a girl he used to dayte, I made a comment about her being insane and he quickly replied with "dude, she was way hot."

"Hot" is pure danger, a rag-tag quagmire of teeter-on-the-brink despair. I prefer cute, cute as a button girls. Smart, dependable girls, with good old fashioned sass. Like.

That's right, Emma Watson, heart and soul of the entire Harry Potter franchise...Cute as a Button.


Dulce Maria, member of the Mexican pop-band Rebelde...Cute as a freaking Button.

You're probably thinking "what's his point?" Frankly, after looking at those pictures I've somewhat lost track of what my point was: but Cute is better than Hot; Alexis Bledel is Cute; and walking around campus is now more enjoyable than ever. Just for good measure, we'll end with one more.

Read me sweet nothings from classic literature Rory Gilmore, we can go antiquing and spend our saturday mornings at local farmer's markets. We'll stargaze snuggling in hooded bleach-stained sweatshirts...mmmmmmm.



  1. Ha! Now this is the Ben Wood post I have been waiting for. I totally agree with you Alexis Bledel is hot. Or cute, I guess. I have always thought that and wished there was something she was in that was actually 1% interested in seeing.

  2. EU SOU REBELDE!!! Interesting list. Alexis Bledel has a huge forehead but is still cute. Nice list