Monday, July 20, 2009


I'd like to start this post with a shout-out to A new shirt every day for 11$, and something like a mature older-brother to the shirt.woot.

Not only is this "literally" the best shirt ever, but also a great commentary on how "literally" obsessed people are with saying the word--literally, and make scare quotes with their hands.

I use the scare quote in my writing more often than most purists would probably approve of. That's the problem with having omnipresent sarcastic cynicism. It's hard to accurately transfer my overbearing negativity accurately to the page. Certain situations require some sort of punctuation for example:

The Olive Garden is "delicious."
3D movies are "awesome."
Hot Rod is "so funny."

Even taken out of context you might not realize how bitterly I despise all of those things, if it weren't for the scare quotes a casual reader might even say to themselves "yeah, Hot Rod is funny." If I could set the quotes with an ellipse (...) for added effect I would.

It isn't funny. They're not awesome. And the Olive Garden is the worst excuse for a restaurant I've ever been to...literally.


  1. This post is "amazing." Jk dude. This is great and I hope you bought that shirt for real.

  2. hahahah I "loved that."


    Or, to use another overused term: